Learning Time Management with Inside Out Creative

By: Julia Knopf

The semester has been moving right along and it is now the third week of November. I never knew how quickly time could fly by until I started this internship. In fact I must say that, though not a lesson I expected to learn, time management is fast becoming a skill that I must become good at.

Me, hard at work!

135 hours, that is the amount of time that the school requires for a Public Relations intern to complete, in order to receive academic credit for their internship. Divide that over the 13 weeks that a semester runs and you are at about 10 hours a week. Considering that, according to the Bureau of Labor Statics the average American adult watches 19.6 hours of television a week, 10 hrs sure doesn’t seem like much. In fact we interns here at Inside Out Creative actually average about 12.5 hrs a week in the office. When you break it down though that 12.5 hrs may seem like enough time to get things done, but it really is not if you do not use it wisely.

In the world of public relations and marketing things are ever changing. A company may be unheard of one day and the next be a headline, whether it is positive or negative press. Also when setting up events everything that you do has a deadline and deadlines get changed. Sometimes you might get lucky a deadline might be moved back but more often than not deadlines are moved forward.

Here at the IOC we are treated like employees. That means that we have tasks to get done. We always have a list of tasks but often-new tasks are given to us as they come up. Sometimes it seems overwhelming knowing that I have a list of things that I need to get done. Not to mention chances are will have other little tasks added on to that list. I see this as a positive aspect of the internship though. Once in the profession this is how things will work, so to me it is best to be learning how to manage my time in order to get everything finished now. For instance I may have a sponsorship fulfillment report to work on, while I am doing that I may get the notification that a press release also needs to be written and sent out today, or maybe I need to write content for a clients social media. I have learned that in order get everything done I need to break tasks into small chunks. For instance with a situation like this, I would probably first write my press release. Then perhaps I would send that out to get approved and work on my sponsorship fulfillment report in the mean time. But while working on that report I would be brainstorming content for social media. Constantly thinking of what I have next to do and brainstorming all along helps me move through tasks more efficiently.

Learning to manage my time and also to multitask has been a frustrating but beneficial process. I know that the skills that I learn today with IOC will help me to be a better employee in the long term. I thought that I had learned these skills from school, but being an intern has showed be that life is different than school. You might get an assignment that is due a month from now at school but then as an intern, or employee chances are you are going to have that assignment due today. It sure seems that time manage and multi-tasking, are the keys to success.


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