Part 2: Battling Through the Message Clutter—3 Tactics to Add to Your Advertising Arsenal

Okay, you took my advice and watched that Barcardi Mojito commercial I was telling you about… and it got you thinking, “Keeping it simple, stupid may just work”. (And if you still haven’t watched it, I’m giving you a second chance: So now you’ve got a trimmed-down ad free of all that dead weight that was holding it back. What next?

I know, I know, another acronym… but trust me, I’m not making these up. I couldn’t say it any better myself, so I’m leaving this one to Pete Barry, author of The Advertising Concept Book: “A good ad communicates its message from a single-minded proposition: clearly, quickly, simply, relevantly. A great ad stops you, hooks you, and hauls you in. […] An ad’s original creativity attracts attention by making you react in at least one of the following ways: Smile disarms you; Laugh really disarms you; Informs tells you something you didn’t know; Provokes there’s a reaction, an emotional response; Involves there’s a connection, an interaction; (makes you) Think. These are all things that give an ad impact.” Keeping it simple is only half the task—your message also needs to resonate with your target market. Even if they read it, there’s no promising they will actually buy it (pun intended). However, if you can really connect with your audience, SLIP IT, and leave an impression, you may just have a great ad on your hands. Of course, the closer you get to the P, I, and T, the better the ad and the better the connection. Yet just because an ad makes your target market smile or think, it doesn’t mean it’s relevant to what they want and need. Just as SLIP IT works on a hierarchy, so does the relevancy between a product and a consumer—features and benefits provide only base-line relevancy, whereas connection to a person’s values is the ultimate destination. All-in-all, you are reaching for the “sweet spot”—the exact point where your message meets your target audience on a level that tells them your product is the means to fulfilling a life value—the holy grail of advertising.

That’s two out of three, my friends. Join me next week for that final step in creating an advertising legend (the suspense is killing me)!


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