“7 Ways to Customize Your Facebook Page to Match Your Company’s Personality”

Hello World!!!  This is my first blog EVER!   I am the newest member of the crack team of IOC, Jaime Fritchman.  I am going to flex my Web 2.0 Muscles and share different ways to customize your Facebook to match your Company’s Personality. 

Is your company Facebook page sending mixed signals, or is coming off like it has a split personality?  If so, here’s the “7 Ways to Customize Your Facebook Page to Match Your Company’s Personality”.

1)      The first and best thing to do is to add some company related pictures to your Facebook Page.  These pictures could be of your employees engaged in different company related events, and/or examples of your product(s) (For instance take a look at IOC Facebook Pictures http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=96173&id=94810011987#/pages/York-PA-Palm-Beach-FL-Central-Square-NY/Inside-Out-Creative/95365873979?ref=ts).  While some pictures are a good thing, it could turn into a vice if it is not done properly.  For example, there should be absolutely no pictures of your vacation last summer in Los Cabo. 


2)      The second way to customize your Facebook Page is to fill out all of the company information section, or, at least fill out topics that you are comfortable with.  The more information the better.  It will give potential clients a better feel for your company. 


3)      The third step to revamping your Facebook Page would be to explain some of your company goals or services offered in the text box above your “Information” section.  This gives potential clients or customers more information about your company, and creates a brand for your name.


4)      The next approach to giving your Facebook Page some personality is to revise your “Friends” list.  For instance, take out the friends who leave ridiculous status updates or your friend from college who hasn’t grown up and still play quarters or flip cup.  This approach will also work better in “Friend Groupings”, because it will allow you to group your friends list into clients, coworkers, event planners, etc.  This will help you find people in your friends list easier, and like I said before, you can limit their status updates.  Example – When clients or friends visit your site they will not see coworker Jen’s status update about her recent Mexican restaurant experience.


5)      Next, add different applications that you or your companies are interested in.  For instance, if you are Environmentally Friendly,” there is an app. for that” (Sorry for Apple’s overused saying, but it’s actually spot on when it comes to adding special interest applications).  If a potential client sees an application they find interesting on your site, or they have similar views, they may pick your company over the competitor, because they have something in common with your company.


6)      The sixth approach – Creating a Blidget.  A Blidget is a widget for a blog (Blog + Widget = Blidget).  Blidgets are a great way to promote your blog on other sites.  For instance, if your company does daily or monthly blogs, like we do, you may want to leverage the use of a Blidget.  Blidgets tend to create more aesthetic layouts than the standard RSS Feed.  You can create a Blidget and attach it to your Facebook Page.  Once attached, your viewers can click on the Blidget, and be linked to your blog.  If you want to set up a blidget for your own page, I highly recommend www.WidgetBox.com for this endeavor.  The site is very easy to navigate and comprehend. 


7)      And last but not least, a Facebook Expression.  I am going to be honest, I have never used this method, but it does sound pretty interesting.  I did some research on the expressions, and it seems that you can change your layout, status updates, etc.  This would allow your Facebook to have your company logo in the background, or pictures of products.  This approach can make a distinction between your webpage and your competitors via a more polished; more professional looking page.


And there you have it. The 7 Ways to Customize Your Facebook Page to Match Your Company’s Personality.  I hope this helps you out!  If it does, please let us know the details. We’d love hearing success stories and sharing them with others!


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