Seek Ye First the Gift of REcommendations

Seek Ye First the Gift of Recommendations

The best person to make a case of why someone should use your product or service is not you.  It  is actually another customer.  You are being paid to tell your story, while customers are not and their words bring more credibility and a higher trust factor for your potential customers.

This is another reason why Web 2.0 technologies create dynamic marketing opportunities.  They create user-friendly ways for your current contacts to promote you to their circle of influence.  The following are a list of ways to promote recommendations:

  1.  Linkedin Recommendations:  This is the simplest way to increase your credibility.  You are literally seeking a recommendation by one of your contacts that will be displayed on your profile page.  The easiest way to do this is to ask.  Pick at least four contacts that you value and ask if he or she will write you a recommendation.  Make their lives even easier by writing one for them that they may tweak before you post.  (And make sure to return the favor!)
  2. Facebook Fan Page:  Create a fan page for your company (as opposed to a separate profile) and not only can your contacts join, but they can send links to all of their friends suggesting that they contact as well.  Encourage your fans to do so by asking via the “message all” function on the Fan Page.
  3. Seek @ messages on Twitter.  Each time someone sends a reply to something you wrote, it validates the importance of your message.  Ask questions to get the conversation started.
  4. Facebook Event Pages:  Promoting an event via Facebook allows others to see who else might be coming to your soiree.  This can help your event if the guest list rocks, but hurt if only your Aunt Gertrude is coming.  Use this function only if you know the former will be the reality.
  5. Post a video on YouTube.  We interviewed some our clients to share with the rest of the world why we are so fabulous (if I do say so myself.)  Why not do the same?  As you will be able to tell if you check ours out, this does not need to be fancy pants. The more grassroots, the better.  Not only will this be a great way to promote your company, but it gives a bit of celebrity to your clients strengthening your relationship with them as well.  Check ours out
  6. Comment on others in your network.  When you give a recommendation to someone else, send an @ message on Twitter or post a reply on someone’s Facebook fan page, you promote yourself to all of that person’s contacts.  You are now associated with someone they value and you have just created warm leads. 


What are some other ways you use Web 2.0 technologies to share recommendations?


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