Addendum to Does it really matter how pretty the brochures are when you are starving?

I don’t want anyone reading this to think I am bashing the State Elm Street program or any program in particular. In fact, it continues to be the most effective community revitalization program for neighborhoods I have personally seen because it goes beyond the bricks and mortar of a neighborhood and into building social capital, the people, into a strong (or at least stronger) community. It brings back the “neighborhood.” In spite of its challenges, it is an incredible program and blessing to those that get to have it be a part of their town.
I guess I am just sometimes caught up in the reality that we cannot all change everything, no matter how much we want the power to do so. (And I really, really do.) I ask for your support in my journey on this project to focus on the task at hand, which is vital to the program’s success. And that is to create a brand and marketing message for Elm Street and tools that the Managers can use so that they can be most successful at their given tasks which is to empower neighborhoods for change. Even though I cannot give them all of the resources they need for this project, my job is to give them at least one weapon they can use in their battle. One that they ARE winning.


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