Downtown Details- Getting Started on the Elm Street Project

Inside Out Creative has the honor of being chosen to create a branding campaign and tool kit for Elm Street Manager across the State of Pennsylvania. 


What is Elm Street?

Elm Street aims to improve the situation of Pennsylvania’s urban neighborhoods while linking revitalization efforts to those in adjacent/nearby Main Streets/downtowns. With the long-established Main Street Program as a model, Elm Street as learned from some 40 years of experience by many successful and not-so-successful neighborhood revitalization programs throughout the nation. The Elm Street Concept is structured around simultaneous actions in five focus areas, integrated through a community-based strategic planning process. The elements of the so-called “five-point approach” include:


·          Clean, Safe and Green

·          Neighbors and Economy

·          Design

·          Image & Identity

·          Sustainable Organization


For more on Elm Street, visit:


Phase one of this project is to research how the Elm Street programs are executing the above and what marketing tools would be most effective and usable to reach residents/potential residents and developers.  We will be visiting four different Elm Street programs as part of this research project. Our first stop is Chambersburg, PA.


I am now on day two in Chambersburg interviewing staff of the program, government officials, volunteers, residents and other interested parties to get their take on the program and what marketing tools could be most effective.


Stay tuned for my observations…


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