IOC Seeks Part-Time Office Administrator

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Cutting Edge PR, Marketing, Design, and Social Media Firm is seeking an Office Administrator!


  • Schedules appointments and meetings for company President and upper level staff
  • Manages intern schedules
  • Creates client correspondence pieces
  • Various administrative tasks including but not limited to answering phones, taking messages, filing, data entry, mailings
  • Greet guests as they arrive
  • Tracks office supply inventory and puts together supply orders
  • Assists with marketing research and brainstorming when asked
  • Assists company President and upper level staff with administrative issues as they arise

Skills Required

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Detail oriented and works with a high degree of accuracy
  • Organized and flexible
  • Ability to multitask and meet changing deadlines
  • Maintains staff confidentiality
  • Working knowledge of email, scheduling, spreadsheets and presentation software.  Preferable knowledge in Microsoft Outlook
  • Knowledge in the PR/Marketing Industries

Job Requirements

  • 2 years or more related experience

*20 hours a week to start.  Could increase over time.

If you are interested in this position, please email your hourly salary requirements along with your resume to with “Admin Position” in the subject line. Please respond by June 3, 2011.


We are seeking an Account and Business Development Manager

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Cutting Edge PR, Marketing, Design, and Social Media Firm is seeking an Account and Business Development Manager


  • Create business development plan focused on the healthcare and education markets
  • Execute development plan meeting monthly and quarterly sales goals
  • Assist company President with additional business development opportunities
  • Manage account projects and staff execution of PR and Design departments
  • Represent the firm in networking opportunities
  • Other duties as assigned

Skills Required

  • The ability to prospect, sell and close business deals
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Detail oriented and works with a high degree of accuracy
  • Organized and flexible
  • Ability to multitask and meet changing deadlines
  • Maintains staff confidentiality
  • Knowledge in the PR/Marketing Industries

Job Requirements

  • Sales experience
  • Experience in the PR/Marketing Field
  • A sense of humor
  • The willingness to occasionally fill the candy jar


  • Salary plus commission
  • PTO
  • Contribution to IRA
  • Health benefits

If you are interested in this position, please email your salary requirements along with your resume to with “Business and Account Management” in the subject line. Please respond by June 3, 2011.

No One Wants to be Part of a Blob.

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When you woke up this morning, what if you went through your day only seen as a part of one massive identity?  What if no one addressed you directly or conversed with you, but instead shouted at you as you stood with a group of people, feeding the group information you yourself did not care about?

Wouldn’t you rather have conversations with people who know you personally, appreciate your opinion and know how best to communicate with you?

Traditionally, marketing and public relations has sent out communication as if to a nameless, faceless audience: “everyone.”

But the audience, or rather, the individuals who make up the “everyone” audience, don’t want to be treated as “everyone.” Whether news editors, publishers or industry leaders, no one really wants to be seen as a part of some definition-less blob.

They want to be seen as individuals. They want their likes  noticed, their skills appreciated, their pet peeves paid attention to. “Everyone” wants to become “someone,” and someone important not just because you can market your brand to them, but because they are individuals in their own right, worthy of being acknowledged.

Enter the importance of what is becoming popularly recognized as “niche” marketing, or, treating prospective clients and consumers as people, not one mass audience.

Some companies mistakenly interpret narrowing target audiences to mean selecting one specific group to expend all marketing efforts on. Others erroneously assume that they need to utilize one technique or vehicle to reach a smaller, personalized target market.

Neither is true.

Narrowing your target market is a matter of intimately knowing who your business most relates to, why your brand could be important to them (what you can do for them, essentially) and how they prefer to be communicated with. This likely involves several individual target markets, each with a different mode of communication that they respond best to.

Rather than being shouted at with information generically presented, focusing on target markets creates conversational communication emphasizing not why the brand is important to the company, but how the brand intersects with the interests of each target audience.

Learning Time Management with Inside Out Creative

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By: Julia Knopf

The semester has been moving right along and it is now the third week of November. I never knew how quickly time could fly by until I started this internship. In fact I must say that, though not a lesson I expected to learn, time management is fast becoming a skill that I must become good at.

Me, hard at work!

135 hours, that is the amount of time that the school requires for a Public Relations intern to complete, in order to receive academic credit for their internship. Divide that over the 13 weeks that a semester runs and you are at about 10 hours a week. Considering that, according to the Bureau of Labor Statics the average American adult watches 19.6 hours of television a week, 10 hrs sure doesn’t seem like much. In fact we interns here at Inside Out Creative actually average about 12.5 hrs a week in the office. When you break it down though that 12.5 hrs may seem like enough time to get things done, but it really is not if you do not use it wisely.

In the world of public relations and marketing things are ever changing. A company may be unheard of one day and the next be a headline, whether it is positive or negative press. Also when setting up events everything that you do has a deadline and deadlines get changed. Sometimes you might get lucky a deadline might be moved back but more often than not deadlines are moved forward.

Here at the IOC we are treated like employees. That means that we have tasks to get done. We always have a list of tasks but often-new tasks are given to us as they come up. Sometimes it seems overwhelming knowing that I have a list of things that I need to get done. Not to mention chances are will have other little tasks added on to that list. I see this as a positive aspect of the internship though. Once in the profession this is how things will work, so to me it is best to be learning how to manage my time in order to get everything finished now. For instance I may have a sponsorship fulfillment report to work on, while I am doing that I may get the notification that a press release also needs to be written and sent out today, or maybe I need to write content for a clients social media. I have learned that in order get everything done I need to break tasks into small chunks. For instance with a situation like this, I would probably first write my press release. Then perhaps I would send that out to get approved and work on my sponsorship fulfillment report in the mean time. But while working on that report I would be brainstorming content for social media. Constantly thinking of what I have next to do and brainstorming all along helps me move through tasks more efficiently.

Learning to manage my time and also to multitask has been a frustrating but beneficial process. I know that the skills that I learn today with IOC will help me to be a better employee in the long term. I thought that I had learned these skills from school, but being an intern has showed be that life is different than school. You might get an assignment that is due a month from now at school but then as an intern, or employee chances are you are going to have that assignment due today. It sure seems that time manage and multi-tasking, are the keys to success.

My Take on the BizBash Conference

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By Amanda Kernan, Special Events Associate

Just the other day, I entered a world of “eventalicious” party planners, drag queens, and circus freaks and LOVED every minute of it.  After meeting up with my boss, PR guru Kim Walsh-Phillips and fellow event planner JJ Sheffer in the wee hours of the morning, we headed up to the Lancaster train station and caught a train to the Big Apple.  We were on our way to BizBash’s 10th Anniversary Expo and Awards at the Javits Center in New York City.

So, just what is BizBash? BizBash is one of the largest gatherings of the event and meeting planning community in the United States. To put it simply, it is every event planner’s dream!

From the moment I walked into the door and saw the vibrant pink, blue, yellow and green colors of the décor, I knew this was going to be a fabulous experience.

We headed over to the registration area and checked in.  We received name badges that listed our company and title as well as one of my personal favorite items of the day- our “swag bag.”  The “swag bag” was a bright green tote bag that we used to collect memorabilia such as exhibitor magazines, merchandise, free samples, t-shirts, and other giveaways that exhibitors threw our way. (By the end of the day, my bag seemed about 10 pounds heavier!) 

After checking in, we made our way down the escalator to where all of the festivities were starting to begin. There were already several hundred attendees and exhibitors getting ready for the big event.

Kim, JJ, and I went to the Morning General Session which started at 10:15 a.m on the main stage of the Expo.  The main stage of the Expo was decorated beautifully with long flowing vivacious linens provided by Rosebrand.  The session began with a wild drum and break-dance presentation that really got the crowd going.  Then, Chad Kaydo, Editor in Chief of BizBash and David Adler, C.E.O and Founder of BizBash spoke a few opening words to the crowd.  Following their speeches, Richard Aaron, President of BizBash addressed the attendees with his loud and entertaining manner.  Aaron introduced President and Chief Visionary Officer of Save the Date, Jennifer Gilbert, as the “eventalicious” (that’s where I got that word from earlier!) keynote speaker.  The two of them had an in-depth conversation about her career and how the event planning world is continuously changing.  It was very useful to hear the perspective of a hugely successful event planner (not to mention she starred on the cast of The Real Housewives of New York City, my guilty pleasure).  

 After this opening session, we headed out to the trade show floor where over 150 exhibitors were waiting to grab our attention with their innovative services and creative ideas.  A few of my favorite exhibitors were PBG Event Production and Rentals, Abigail Kirsch, Gifted Expressions, DJ Chef, Nuage Designs, Twig& Fig, Screaming Queens, and Cirque-Tacular.  PBG Event Production and Rentals offers illuminated furniture, décor, linens, and event lighting and their booth was definitely illuminative in nature.  It was gorgeous.  Gifted Expressions showcased their trendy stackable gift box ideas that incorporated companies’ logos and creative wrapping options. 

Looking for entertainment and a caterer all bundled into one for your next event? Look no further because I am sure that DJ Chef would ROCK your event. He is the only known entertainer who cooks gourmet food and deejays at the same time. (Trust me-we were sure to take advantage of his delicious free food samples!)   Twig& Fig had the most incredible event invitations that I have ever seen.  Literally.  From their use of metal engraving to the elaborate embossing and design, I was in stationary Heaven.

Last but definitely not least, Screaming Queens and Cirque-Tacular were the draq queens and circus freaks that I mentioned to you earlier in my introduction.  Have you ever heard of a living table?!  Screaming Queens provides just that.  Living tables or “strolling tables” are jaw dropping tables that have glamorous drag queens in the middle of them walking around your event with hors d’oeuvres, desserts, place cards, or party favors laid out around the table.

Cirque- Tacular Entertainment was also at the show and consists of aerialists, acrobats, jugglers, illusionists, contortionists, bullwhip artists, trapeze artists, fire performers, and much more. If none of these services liven up your party, you are definitely inviting the wrong people! We had the privilege of getting our own little free show as Cirque-Tacular performed during our lunch hour at BizBash.  We got a sneak peek of the jugglers, contortionists, and bullwhip artists. 

We walked around to several more exhibits and saw some mind blowing table designs which got our creative juices flowing for upcoming client events.

 Being the Social Media savvy individuals that we are, we were sure to stop into the Social Media lounge where all “tweets” and “wall posts” were welcome. (You can follow each of us on Twitter at @PRGuruKim, @AmandaKernan, and @bustedjj.)

As time flew by, we ended our day with the Afternoon General Session.  Upon walking into the main stage area, we noticed that there were drum sticks sitting on all of our chairs.  We picked up the drum sticks and eagerly awaited what was in store for us.  Then, as the session began, a performance by Drum Café wowed the audience.  We were summoned to perform right along with them by tapping our drumsticks together or by drumming away on the chairs in front of us.  The energy was contagious!  Following this performance, we were greeted by keynote speaker, Arthur Backal.  Backal, C.E.O and Founder of Backal Hospitality Group spoke to us about prospecting and maintaining clients.  Following Backal’s speech, the ever so lively Richard Aaron, President of BizBash, came back on the stage and ended the session with some spectacular door giveaways and a few closing words.  Although we were sad our adventure was coming to an end, we were excited to get back home and put some of these unique ideas to work!

So, there you have it-my journey to BizBash’s 10th Anniversary Expo and Awards in New York City.  My brain has been spinning ever since. The life of an event planner continues to amaze me day after day…

P.s- Check out more pictures from the event below.   


JJ, a member of Cirque-Tacular Entertainment, Myself, and Kim


nuagedesigns booth


Need a party to go?

Abigail Kirsch booth

One of the many beautiful centerpieces...

Very Clever 🙂

Richard Aaron, President of BizBash

Goodbye BizBash...See you again soon!

Part 3: Battling Through the Message Clutter—3 Tactics to Add to Your Advertising Arsenal

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The wait’s over! You’ve KISSed it, SLIPed it, and now all you need is that final touch to top off your advertising triumph. So here you go…

3. Know your target, know your brand.
Advertising guru David Ogilvy said, “Advertising people who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore decodes of enemy signals.” With all of the competition to create a message that really stands out, it’s easy to get carried away with the clever taglines and witty copy, losing your brand in the midst of it all. It’s important to maintain your brand’s personality and its essence while marketing. Not all aspects of SLIP IT work for all brands-making your target market laugh probably isn’t the best approach to selling funeral amenities (as unique as it would be). Similarly, it’s important to know your audience just as well as you know your brand. Selling to women ages 35-55? Bet you didn’t know they are the fastest growing demographic of online gamers and networkers. It’s little insights like this that could set you a cut above the rest. It may be tedious and it may be boring (I’ll be the first to admit that marketing research isn’t exactly the highlight of my day), but you can never learn too much about who you are as a brand and who it is you are selling to. Trust me, you’ll thank me in the end.

And there you have it, some of the most obvious yet taken-for-granted tactics in the daily battle we call advertising. Now KISS it, SLIP IT, and declare victory.

Megan Crouse is a senior at the Pennsylvania State University with a double-major in Marketing and Advertising. She is an active member of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority and The Pan-hellenic Council, where she serves as the Vice President of Administration and Publications Coordinator, respectively. She enjoys working in graphic design and all things creative.

Part 2: Battling Through the Message Clutter—3 Tactics to Add to Your Advertising Arsenal

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Okay, you took my advice and watched that Barcardi Mojito commercial I was telling you about… and it got you thinking, “Keeping it simple, stupid may just work”. (And if you still haven’t watched it, I’m giving you a second chance: So now you’ve got a trimmed-down ad free of all that dead weight that was holding it back. What next?

I know, I know, another acronym… but trust me, I’m not making these up. I couldn’t say it any better myself, so I’m leaving this one to Pete Barry, author of The Advertising Concept Book: “A good ad communicates its message from a single-minded proposition: clearly, quickly, simply, relevantly. A great ad stops you, hooks you, and hauls you in. […] An ad’s original creativity attracts attention by making you react in at least one of the following ways: Smile disarms you; Laugh really disarms you; Informs tells you something you didn’t know; Provokes there’s a reaction, an emotional response; Involves there’s a connection, an interaction; (makes you) Think. These are all things that give an ad impact.” Keeping it simple is only half the task—your message also needs to resonate with your target market. Even if they read it, there’s no promising they will actually buy it (pun intended). However, if you can really connect with your audience, SLIP IT, and leave an impression, you may just have a great ad on your hands. Of course, the closer you get to the P, I, and T, the better the ad and the better the connection. Yet just because an ad makes your target market smile or think, it doesn’t mean it’s relevant to what they want and need. Just as SLIP IT works on a hierarchy, so does the relevancy between a product and a consumer—features and benefits provide only base-line relevancy, whereas connection to a person’s values is the ultimate destination. All-in-all, you are reaching for the “sweet spot”—the exact point where your message meets your target audience on a level that tells them your product is the means to fulfilling a life value—the holy grail of advertising.

That’s two out of three, my friends. Join me next week for that final step in creating an advertising legend (the suspense is killing me)!

Battling Through the Message Clutter—3 Tactics to Add to Your Advertising Arsenal

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Let’s face it-people don’t go out of their way to pay attention to advertising. They don’t slow down on the highway to read a billboard about root canal or Ti-Vo shows so they can watch a foot cream advertisement over and over again. They have far better things to do with their time, and today’s technology has made it easier than ever to bypass the 3,000-some messages the average person encounters every day. So why should your message be any different? What makes your message so superior that it becomes that single-most important message your target consumer can’t afford to miss? Give me a dozen good answers to that question and I’ll tell you the one reason that refutes them all—your message is just plain mediocre.

Think about it. How many really great ads can you recall off the top of your head? Three, maybe five tops? I can only think of one I’d say was distinctly superior. It’s a 2009, 60-second commercial for Bacardi Mojitos with only a single line of voiceover; no high-status celebrities, no testimonials of how great the product is, not even an obvious call-to-action that blatantly tells you to get up and pour a Mojito. It’s just a unique ad with a catchy tune and a subtle message that resonates with its viewers. It’s perfect. (See for yourself at

Now I know what you’re thinking… “I don’t have the funds or the means to produce a nationally televised commercial like multi-billion-dollar companies can. I’m just a small business with something to say”. Fear not, my friend. It’s not the big marketing budget that sells the product—it’s how the message connects with the consumer. Add these simple tips to your arsenal and you are well on your way to battling through the message clutter:

1. KISS.
Keep It Simple, Stupid. I know, it sounds a bit harsh, but this little acronym is among the most well-known in the advertising business. I said it once and I will say it again– people aren’t particularly fond of advertising. It’s intrusive and invasive and consumers don’t have the time to sit around and decipher what you are trying to communicate. Needless to say, if your ad does happen to catch someone’s eye, it probably won’t hold its attention long. If your ad is a paragraph of copy with tons of busy pictures, all of which are needed to get the point across, chances are your consumer will read 3 words or perhaps glance at a picture before giving up and walking away. Instead, a good rule of thumb is 7 words or less. The average person can read seven words on a billboard as they pass by and it’s the lucky number of items in a list psychologists suggest people can recall (you may think I’m pulling your leg, but try to recall all of the famous 7 Dwarves and you will know what I mean). A single picture usually does the trick as well. Too much color or graphics can be distracting from the point or conflict with your message altogether. However, don’t chop and cut away from your ad just for the sake of “keeping it simple”. There is such a thing as too simple… I like to call it boring. Your ad has to have something that reaches out, grabs the consumer, and tells them you’ve got something they need to hear. This brings me to my next point…

There you have it, the first and most basic tactic in creating great advertisements. Stay tuned for more battle strategies next week!

Another Reason to Look Forward to Spring

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Getting Social Media Savvy

Thursday, May 20, 2010
8:00am – Noon

(light breakfast served)

The Offices of Staub & Associates
6th Avenue Professional Center
1600 6th Avenue, Suite 104
York, PA 17403

Web 2.0 is more than playtime. It is a fast, cost-effective way to reach your market. So how can your company use Social Media to grow your business/organization?

In this seminar, we will review the ins and outs of the different social networking tools and how they can be used to market your business/organization. You will learn how Web 2.0 resources are being used in marketing today by Fortune 500 Companies, and get step-by-step instructions on how you can make those same strategies work for you in the most efficient, time-saving ways to get measurable results. We will go over all of the uses of:


$249 per person
$25 discount for York County Chamber of Commerce and Sandler President’s Club Members

Click Here To Register Now

IOC’s Top Ten Social Media Pages for Deals

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Drum roll please! May I introduce to you Inside Out Creative’s Top Ten Social Media Pages for Deals, as seen on WPTV.

Dell Computer Outlet

Page Bio: Refurbished Dell™ computers, electronics, customer service and Twitter only sales.

Recent Deal: A 15% coupon posted for the purchases on



Page Bio: Bio Freshly brewed tweets from Brad in Seattle

Recent Deal: Free pastry with the purchase of a coffee to Twitter followers only


Spirit Airlines

Page Bio: Official Spirit Airlines Twitter page – We liberate our customers from high fares! Follow us for great fare sales and travel deals!

Recent Deal: Big “S” Sale, with fares starting as low as $9 each way



Page Bio: Collection of steals and deals on electronics

Recent Deal: $14.99  Blockade Noise Isolating Earbuds – 2 Pack  & $129.99 : iRobot Roomba 530 Robotic Vacuum with Virtual Wall


White Rose Bar and Grill’s Facebook Fan Page (York, PA)

Page Bio: A collection of WR fans, events and specials

Recent Deal: Event for the Hernandez Family



Page Bio: A listing of sales, discounts, specials, fashion tips and events

Recent Deal: A Mossimo Black Tote on sale for half off- $13.48.  Regularly $26.99.



Page Bio: News on sports, fashion, events, sales and fan-only contests.

Recent Deal: Adidas teamed up with MTV to run an exclusive Facebook contest where a fan could win an all-expenses-paid house party.


Gilt Groupe

Page Bio: Men’s, Women’s and Children’s  designer fashion and luxury brands at prices up to 70% off retail. Each sale lasts 36 hours and features hand selected styles from a single designer from Valentino to Rachel Roy.

Recent Deal: Cole Haan sale


Pyure Aveda Salon (South Florida)

Page Bio: With salons in Boyton Beach, Coconut Creek and Wellington Florida, Pyure uses the page to share fashion news, salon events, photos of clients and a blog, “The Color Concierge”

Recent Deal: On the notes page – Print page to receive $25 in Aveda Retail Products during your first cut or color service visit at Pyure


Barclay Real Estate (South Florida)

Page Bio: Vacation rental and sales and home rental and sales, real estate, entertainment and society news for Palm Beach

Recent Deal: Condo on Palm Beach for $79,000.00